From Miskolc to Spain Dear Visitors!I can provide some good news again. 2 weeks after I became the First prize winner at the New York Classical Music Awards, I also became the First prize winner in the Super Cup in Spain. I’m very happy. I’ll be giving you another piece of wonderful news about a movie soon, but it’s still a secret forBővebben:


My year 2021 is starting well because I won the Golden Classical Music Award so I can give my debut concert at Carnegie Hall in New York. I don’t know when I can perform at Carnegie Hall, because part of it depends on the pandemic, in the other part, I have to raise money for accommodation and travel. If everything goes well, inBővebben: “MISKOLC-BUDAPEST-NEW YORK”


Dear Visitor! Welcome to my site. If you’re reading this, it means you’re curious about me, so I’ll tell you how my life started: Very early, when I was half a year old, it turned out that I love music and I really like acting. Even then, I grimaced at the request of my parents. My stomach hurt a lot when I wasBővebben: “THE BEGINNING”

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