Los Angeles Film Awards -Best young Actress 2020

American Golden IFF- Best child actress 2020

A text review of NEW YORK FILM AWARDS 2020

A text review of Feel the Real Festival 2020.

THE ALIENIST (american series) 2020

EX ORE INFANTIUM: One year after The Alienist, with Sara Howard, now a private detective, seeking out Dr Kreizler’s help in finding the kidnapped infant daughter of a visiting Spanish dignitary. Dr Kreizler reunites with Sara, John Moore and the rest of the original team, with their search for the missing child bringing them into contact with a mysterious woman with a murderous past who is connected to a notorious gang.


BREAKDOWN: In the middle of the night a woman is driving home with her little girl when their car breaks down on a country road. A stranger offers his help. The woman has a feeling that they are not in safe so she is looking for a way out.


FRIGHTIME- BIRTHDAY WISH: Emma wishes something special for her 8th birthday, but she’s not careful enough. The present that she got, scares her to death.

BORDERLANDS (american movie) 2022

JACK RYAN 3 (american series) 2022

RIFT 2022

“RIANÁS”: A middle-aged woman is raising her little daughter alone in orderly financial circumstances. A child in a broken family is subjected to severe physical and mental abuse, and the girl’s mother will be the victim of murder. The mysterious figure of the father does not reveal for a long time what role he plays in the story. During the action of the film, the tension grows, the dramatic turns keep the viewer in uncertainty.


THE SIEGE: “DecentEye is proud to have such a dedicated duo of lead actors, Nyutali Norbert and Riana Emma Balla, to take on Archangel this coming summer!
“Shooting will soon commence on the action film The Siege: Archangel One, directed by Márk Lakatos, which will not only feature action scenes, but will also be a production portraying a serious father-daughter bond that is familial and emotional.
It will be an honour to shoot with the young actress Riana Emma Balla.”

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