Riana Emma Balla

Riana Emma Balla, who is only 10 years old, has been very interested in the world of operetta and theater since she was a child. At just 3 years old, she sang the operetta “Love Doesn’t Need Beauty. She was 7 years old when he started going to a singing teacher. Ildikó Barta also teaches her classical singing and sound training. It was then that she started competing in Hungarian and international competitions in different categories. Since then, she has received numerous film and music awards.

Film awards:

  • Los Angeles Film Awards- Best young actress 2020
  • American Golden IFF- Best child actress 2020

Music awards:

  • Super Cup Music Competition First prize winner (Spain) 2021 (Operetta)
  • Golden Classical Music Competition First prize winner (New York) 2021 (Operetta)
  • Musical and Miskolc First prize winner 2020 (Operetta)
  • Musical and Miskolc First prize winner 2020 (Musical)
  • Musician theater all over the world First prize winner 2019 (Musical)
  • Blue Danube international competition Special Presidential Award 2019 (Musical)

Theatre awards:

  • Excellent custom character formatting 2019

In addition to competitions and performances, she also has other theatrical and film works. She worked at the National Theater in Miskolc, at the László Hunyadi Opera as a little Mátyás Hunyadi and at the Budapest Operetta Theater in the Christmas carol. She was given the role of shaman in King Stephen’s rock opera. In the play about Marilyn Monroe’s life, she plays the role of little Marilyn. Not only does she work in the theatrical world, she also has film works. Last year she starred in “The Alienist- Angel of Darkness” american super production, accompanied by such famous actors as Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl, Peta Cornish, Mark Field. After the American series, she received one of the main roles in a Hungarian short film. The film won the Best Thriller Award in 2020, and more surprisingly, Riana received the Los Angeles Film Awards in the “Best Young Actress” category even though she was only 8 years old and wasn’t nominated. She also received recognition at the American Golden IFF in Florida in the „Best Child Actress” category. In addition to her theatrical and film work, she also works as an operetta singer. She has performed at many events, balls, galas and concerts. Her plans include a debut concert in the Carnegie Hall, participating in foreign film and music projects, and releasing her own music album.

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