Riana Emma Balla

Riana Emma Balla, ​​only 11 years old, participated in more than 80 competitions in 3 years, in various categories (music, film, theater), domestic and international competitions. She won most of the competitions, but was also awarded in the others. In 2021, his outstanding performance was the Golden Classical Music Awards world competition, where she won a debut concert opportunity for the 2023 season at Carnegie Hall in New York. In addition to numerous music awards, she has now become an actress who has been awarded 30 times. In 2020, she was awarded “BEST YOUNG ACTRESS” at the Los Angeles Film Awards for her role in “Breakdown”. In 2020, she was chosen as “BEST CHILD ACTRESS” at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival /Florida/. In 2022, the prestigious Best Actor&Director Awards (New York) chose her as the best child actress and honored her with the PLATINA award. But also in the adult category, she won many female lead awards, such as “BEST ACTRESS” for her performance in the film RIFT/RIANÁS.


Riana Emma Balla works in film, theater and performing arts. We can also see her in American productions, in leading and supporting roles. We could meet her in the American series THE ALIENIST-ANGEL OF DARKNESS (2020) and in the short film DEFEKT, and in the year 2022/2023 in the American movie BORDERLANDS, the American series JACK RYAN, as well as FRIGHTIME, CURTIS’ LIFE, THE FUTURE OF CINQUECENTO, THE SIEGE, the 1242 -GATEWAY TO THE WEST and RIFT. The short film RIFT was written by Riana Emma Balla. She has worked with world-famous actors such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Cate Blanchett, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans, Daniel Brühl and Nina Hoss. The director of BORDERLANDS Eli Roth, and famous actresses Jamie Lee Curtis, Haley Bennett and famous writer, Joe Wright spoke highly of it. They consider her extremely talented and predict a great future for her.


Riana Emma Balla has already played several theater roles. She worked at the MISKOLCI NATIONAL THEATER, in the opera László Hunyadi, as young Mátyás Hunyadi, at the BUDAPEST OPERETTA THEATER, in the play Christmas Carol. She had the opportunity to play the role of the Shaman from the rock opera Stephen the King. She played the young Marilyn Monroe in the HEART Company, and she played Alice in the play Alice in Wonderland.


In 2019, Riana Emma Balla, at the age of only 7, was admitted to the operetta course of Károly Peller and Szilvia Szabó as the youngest ever. After that, She showed herself as a performer on many stages, events and galas in different cities of the country. During this period, She was also invited by the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra for a joint performance, where She sang with symphonic accompaniment in front of nearly 2,000 people. She has already worked together with the famous primas Norbert Salasovics and his band, who emerged from the 100-member gypsy band, and they are planning a joint performance with the world-famous violinist Roby Lakatos. As a performer, She mainly entertains the masses with operetta/opera arias, but her repertoire also includes musicals and evergreen hits. Among others, She performed at operetta galas in Várpalot, Balatonalmádi at the Hungarikum festival, Sóly, Szikszó, the international Cake De La Cake, Budapest, Balatonszemes, Kisgyőr, Emőd, Sárorpatak and Miskolc. Next year, She will have the opportunity to give a concert in Germany, Italy and America. Its primary objective is to popularize the operetta genre among the younger generation.


Riana Emma Balla initially started working on operetta for her own pleasure. She uploaded videos of competitions and performances to her YouTube channel, and we received letters from more and more parents saying that their children started listening to operetta pieces because they saw Riana’s videos. This is where the idea came from, that She wants to popularize the operetta genre among the young generation both at home and abroad. Among her videos, we can find recordings in German and Italian, and soon pieces in French and English will also be presented.

Riana Emma Balla’s social sensibility showed early. In 2019, at her own request, we visited the Ronald McDonalds House so that She could delight sick children with a musical and fairy-tale concert. She has already participated in a charity concert for the renovation of a kindergarten, and She also helps the Zsófi Reményvár Association, where She performs charity concerts and collects toys for sick children. She is also a member of the Miracle Group in Germany, where She also helps sick children. But She has already participated in a large-scale charity campaign in Budapest, in which 1,000 pizzas were distributed to homeless people in various parts of Budapest as part of the Pizza D’ORO promotion.


Riana Emma Balla’s latest short film is RIANÁS, the story and most of the script of which she wrote herself. Riana has been writing screenplays since 2019, which are of mixed genres. Since Riana Emma’s film roles are mostly drama and thriller genres, it is not surprising that this style of story is from her. In addition, the film was made on a low budget, as we are independent filmmakers. We were able to realize this from his current writings.

You can read more about this on the RIANÁS/RIFT Facebook page.

The film achieved great success in the world. We have currently won 86 international awards at prestigious film festivals. Just a few of those headlines, which were recently leading news in the media. The short film RIANÁS/ RIFT is the international one is among the most awarded films of his works. We received several awards from Chicago, Canada, New York, From Paris, Hollywood, India, you name it let’s mention a few without claiming to be complete. The film is currently in competition, so not for another year can be seen by the audience.


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