Dear Visitor! Welcome to my site. If you’re reading this, it means you’re curious about me, so I’ll tell you how my life started:

Very early, when I was half a year old, it turned out that I love music and I really like acting. Even then, I grimaced at the request of my parents. My stomach hurt a lot when I was a baby so my mom rocked a lot in her hands while singing children’s songs to me. I knew children’s songs and many Hungarian folk songs at the age of 1-2.

Because I loved music, I started listening to different music styles and by the age of 3 I was already singing operettas. My favorite music at the time was a song that „Doesn’t need beauty for love”, from the Peter Black operetta. In addition, I was constantly acting and dancing, of course only to my family and friends at the time.

As well as in the kindergarten where I went, I was often asked to sing, to tell stories to the children. It was a kindergarten Christmas when my grandfather and I played music together. He played on pan flute and I sang Christmas songs. It was already conceivable that I would like to pursue this profession of singer-actor, but I only started practicing when I was 7 years old when I started school.

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